Dragons in the Algorithm
Adventures in Programming
by Michael Chermside

Author: mcherm

How to talk about Data Structures

FizzBuzz.scalaI've been interviewing lately for "senior programmer" positions. I find it outright astonishing how many applicants for these positions lack what I would consider the most fundamental of programming skills. Some people have suggested using FizzBuzz (a trivial programming exercise) as a filter; what I use is a discussion of …

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Posted Sun 17 February 2008 by mcherm in Programming

A Creaky Old Man's Defense of Creaky old Code

I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm turning into an "old fogey" of a computer programmer. You know, the elderly fellow who has an office near the server room; the one who always objects to the use of any new technology and goes on at length about "the good old days …

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Posted Sat 02 February 2008 by mcherm in Programming


Things To Do Before "1.0":

  • Add animated dragon logo on right top.
  • Fix permalinks.
  • Get the front page working at mcherm.com. (It would be nice if "http://mcherm.com/blog" also worked since I've been giving that out while in beta.)
  • Add the actual blog title.
  • Valid XHTML …

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Posted Mon 17 December 2007 by mcherm in articles