Dragons in the Algorithm
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by Michael Chermside

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Constant Crawl Design - Part 2

Suppose you were building a tool for anonymously capture the (public) websites that a user visited. What would the UI requirements be?

The basic experience would be a perfectly normal browsing experience: users would launch their favorite web browser normally, would browse around the web normally and everything would "just …

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Posted Mon 05 March 2012 by mcherm in Programming

Constant Crawl Design - Part 1

Do you remember Google Web Accelerator? The idea was that you downloaded all your pages through Google's servers. For content that was static, Google could just load it once, then cache it and serve up the same page to every user. The advantage to the user was that they got …

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Posted Sun 04 March 2012 by mcherm in Programming

Host Error 2

Another posting on how to understand Profile errors.

If you ever see "Host error number XXX", it means that this was the XXX'th error of the day that this Profile instance wrote to the logs. Get someone to look it up in the Profile logs.

Also, Calling mrpc ZWRAP with …

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Posted Fri 03 February 2012 by mcherm in Programming

Binary Backward Compatibility

I saw this interesting article about a weakness in the Scala language. The weakness applies not just to Scala, but to pretty much any language: the community using the language cannot grow past a certain point until it somehow solves the problem of libraries depending on other libraries in a …

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Posted Wed 07 December 2011 by mcherm in Programming