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Election Guide for Nov 8, 2011

My election guide for November 8, 2011.

My endorsements in Bold.

Retention of Judge, Pennsylvania Supreme Court (retain or not):

  1. Michael Eakin

NO, do not retain! -- In 2006, The PA State Legislature voted itself a pay raise in direct violation of the plain wording of the state constitution which states. Judge Eakin was one of the Supreme Court judges who found this to be constitutional. In my mind, this makes him unfit for office, and I will vote NOT to retain him.

Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge (vote for 1):

David Wecht (D)

Vic Stabile (R)

Better qualified in several ways, I endorse David Wecht.

Retention of Judge, Pennsylvania Superior Court (retain or not):

Mary Jane Bowes

John T. Bender

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge (vote for 1):

Anne Covey (R)

Kathryn Boockvar (D)

Everything I could read paints both as decent, qualified candidates. I may cast my own vote based on party endorsement, but I cannot independently endorse either candidate.

Retention of Judge, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (retain or not):

Robert E. Simpson, Jr.

Renee Cohn Jubelirer

Mary Hannah Leavitt

Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas Judge (vote for 5):

Nathaniel C. Nichols (R,D)

  • Endorsed by both major parties, that's good enough for me!

Christine Fizzano Cannon (R,D)

  • Endorsed by both major parties, that's good enough for me!
  1. Lawrence Demarco (D)

Sally Ann Heckert Bikin (D)

Michael F. Schleigh (D)

Spiros E. Angelos (R)

John P. Capuzzi, Sr. (R)

  1. Michael Green (R)

By the time I had reached these, I had run out of energy to do my research. I really don't know much about them and so I can't make any recommendations except to vote for the two who were endorsed by both parties.

Delaware County Council Member (vote for 3):

Jayne Young (D)

John McBlain (R)

Lin Axamethy Floyd (D)

Keith Collins (D)

Thomas McGarrigle (R)

Colleen P. Morrone (R)

I have seen Jayne Young "in action" and I was impressed. She was fair, articulate, and wise. I endorse her. The others I know much less about. Based on a combination of biography/background and issues, I am happy to support Lin Floyd, Keith Collins, and Colleen Morrone -- and that's one more than I'm allowed to vote for.

Delaware County District Attorney (vote for 1):

Jack Whelan (R)

  1. Kendall Brown (D)

Kendall Brown is simply not as well qualified for the post. She does not hold an active law license at the moment (says it's a paperwork issue and will be sorted out). Meanwhile, Jack Whelan is competent and qualified. `This endorsement <http://delcodems.com/content/editorial-our-picks-delco-da-common-pleas-court>`__ of Jack Whelan is from the Delaware county democrats.

Haverford Township School Director, "School Board" (vote for 5):

Lawrence A. Feinberg (R,D)
´╗┐Maxine Murdoch (R,D)
Joseph P. Martin (R,D)
Coleen Bennett (R,D)
Patricia Giambuzzi (R,D)

We have a tradition in our township of non-partisan school board elections. All 5 candidates running are excellent, and I endorse them all. Larry Feinberg in particular has done an excellent job and I believe he will continue to do so.

Posted Mon 07 November 2011 by mcherm in Politics