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by Michael Chermside

Error message was '3'.

Just a brief entry so the NEXT time this happens I can search and find the solution.Once before I had this problem, but I couldn't remember the solution so this time I am writing it down. We (a Profile developer and I) were adding a new MRPC. When I tried calling it from Java I got the following mysterious message:

dg.DirectGatewayException: Error on call to mrpc ZMRPCSETRATE with parameters [PRIME, 19/08/2010, 3.75], error message was '3'.

The mysterious "error message was '3'." is the key here. The cause is an error in the way that the exit is coded from the MRPC. When it generates this error it is because the author attempted to return a value via the QUIT statement:

..do stuff..
Q 1

Instead, they should have set the return (or ret) parameter and then returned nothing via the QUIT statement:

...do stuff..
Q ""

With this change, the error message goes away.

Posted Fri 20 August 2010 by mcherm in Programming