Dragons in the Algorithm
Adventures in Programming
by Michael Chermside

Election Guide, May 2010

This coming Tuesday, we have primary elections. I have been doing my research on the candidates for the various races -- all primary elections, and I am registered as a Democrat. I will summarize the results of that research here along with my endorsements and intended votes.

Race #1: Governor:

Dan …

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Posted Sun 16 May 2010 by mcherm in Politics

Petitioning the FCC on Net Neutrality

I sent the following message to the FCC, which is currently accepting public input prior to promulgating new rules on "Net Neutrality".

To the FCC:

Some form of "Net Neutrality" is essential, and it is up to the governing agencies to determine what form and how.

The general principle holds …

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Posted Sat 03 April 2010 by mcherm in Politics

Logging APIs - Feature List

Logging is not the world's most interesting computing problem, but it is important, and it's been on my mind lately because people have been pointing out that my company's use of logging is currently a bit of a mess and ought to be cleaned up. Specifically, I've been thinking about …

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Posted Mon 01 February 2010 by mcherm in Programming