Dragons in the Algorithm
Adventures in Programming
by Michael Chermside

How Wierd Is That!

On reddit, I recently answered a question which I thought was rather interesting.

There are 8 cards to be drawn from. We are 5 players, each person picks a card randomly from this pile.

The first time around, everyone picked cards at random. After the game was over, we shuffled …

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Posted Tue 03 May 2011 by mcherm in Math

Set Default Address Book in Outlook 2010

So, I got a new PC at work, and I moved to Outlook 2010. A great annoyance was that whenever I tried sending email, the entire global corporate address book popped up. After some time searching, I figured out how to change this setting, and thought I should record my …

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Posted Fri 25 March 2011 by mcherm in Uncategorized

Election Guide, Nov 2010

Here is a description of all items that will be on my local ballot for this upcoming election, along with my own thoughts on the candidates.But it's late in the evening on the day before the election so I'll be brief.


Dan Onorato

Not outstanding. For example, I …

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Posted Mon 01 November 2010 by mcherm in Politics

Eric Lippert Tree Challenge

In his blog, Eric Lippert issued an interesting programming challenge. (Follow the link for details of the requirements.) Here is my solution.

# Programming challenge from
#  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ericlippert/archive/2010/09/09/old-school-tree-display.aspx
# Done in Python, by Michael Chermside

import unittest
import itertools

# ============== Provided Problem ==============
class …

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Posted Thu 09 September 2010 by mcherm in Programming