Dragons in the Algorithm
Adventures in Programming
by Michael Chermside

How to email blog posts from Outlook

Suppose (just for the sake of discussion) you wanted to share some blog postings with a group of people at work - and the company email system uses Outlook 2003. Sending HTML email with the blog posting seems like it would be a nice way to do it. But getting Outlook …

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Posted Wed 02 April 2008 by mcherm in Uncategorized

Units of Work

When I was a physics student one of the things that I learned to do was "unit analysis". That's where you simply consider what units an answer has: is it in meters, or meters squared? Surprisingly, there is an enormous amount that can be learned just by doing unit analysis …

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Posted Sun 30 March 2008 by mcherm in Programming


Firefox Plugins

Here are the plugins I commonly use for Firefox:

  • Google Browser Sync - share a common browser environment across multiple computers.
  • Weave - share a common browser environment across multiple computers.
  • Flashblock - flash doesn't run until you click on it.
  • IE Tab - embed IE into Firefox tabs. Useful for sites …

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Posted Thu 27 March 2008 by mcherm in articles

How to talk about Data Structures

FizzBuzz.scalaI've been interviewing lately for "senior programmer" positions. I find it outright astonishing how many applicants for these positions lack what I would consider the most fundamental of programming skills. Some people have suggested using FizzBuzz (a trivial programming exercise) as a filter; what I use is a discussion of …

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Posted Sun 17 February 2008 by mcherm in Programming

A Creaky Old Man's Defense of Creaky old Code

I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm turning into an "old fogey" of a computer programmer. You know, the elderly fellow who has an office near the server room; the one who always objects to the use of any new technology and goes on at length about "the good old days …

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Posted Sat 02 February 2008 by mcherm in Programming